Histories was created

Histories was created by the people who has a brave to be different style in his life, none can't stopped his action and goals even it will destroy your faith
Some people that have a guts in his way of life will be make a break through new way to change his histories
Many people thing if we feed somebody else with a kindness and hope that in future it will flying and go to next step they can stopped his step and never think he will stayed in a long term, if he another goals and needs to life for a dignity and proud, what can make him to stop?
Climb more higher and seek another doors to passing and enter, many options outside there even it kickin his ass but he will dare to take a chance
No motivation and spirit to pass a way together today, hope was gone same as a wind gone away, maybe some excuse will be rejected, but it's a true way become a guts man to make a decision go ahead even it only a predicted. so which one you can choose to take? a speculation become a looser or stayed in one place but still waiting a hope and learn?
Maybe stayed in one placed can taking some chance to bright tomorrow, slowly but sure, but it's still a lesson to pass away, different to dare to take other option to flying away, like a bird, who will give it a food in daily life?
so maybe this is a brave and thanks giving from God and bless for us to have a guts and brain become dare be different
Thanks anyway to gave me a room to stayed, maybe in next match we will meet again and fight together to beating our egoism and destiny, God Bless and thanks for a time we share for.

(dedicated for no motivation man in daily life- chicken shit will laughter alone with frustration egoism)

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