Nothing meaning

Nothing to do just sitting and thinking like a rock stayed alone.Make a wish to escaping from here, but it's can't be helped when a will not taken a reaction. Nobody surrender by the destiny, but fight it back, it's a harder battle to seeking and become a motivation to be strong and tough.
Fight not just sitting and thinking, but it's need a harder fighting to getting a goal. Surrender with weakness just like a women asking for sorry, change yours dress right now and wearing a bra inside yours and become a grandmother!!
What's a world saying if we just surrender and asking for sorry to changing our dignity and proud, none can't help, if we not doing anything from now just sitting and thinking.
sorry if I used this fuckin' words to yours, don't blame to me if no reaction to do, only bullshit hours talk!!
keep stronger and move on to continued yours dreams and goals, and never break up yours will. Weakness only a chance for our evil mind to kicking ass ourself, so fight back and get more higher a wall to climb.
Every memories has a stories a parts to be ended, cause life goes on not waiting our step even though we always late and asking for forgiveness and fall to get it, so run more faster watch yours steps into right track and motivated yourself become a part world history
Beside to write this shit fuckin' argue, I would like to share my shit opinion and write goodbye greeting to all my best friends that helped me when i'm goes falling down moment that I need a back up for my life to climb back my days go bright and shine. Thanks for back up and helping me become a man and human being again and motivated myself to get my honor back. Life has a many choice that difficult to choose for ourself.So in this moment, maybe I would like to climb up my dreams higher and flying more higher again.Thanks for a great moment that we share together and become my good listener and for a sharing time, thanks for a great moment that we passing away every moment we fight for.maybe we can replying it again this moment like we passing away. Say thanks for good relationship from my deep inside heart and as human being.Love, peace, revolution and fighting back for better goals, life, and dreams.
It's dedicated and motivated for insane and madness mind not to blame someone or judge persons by persons, but it's a review of my days when I though not gave me a step forward more far like my predicted, like a walking inside a circle of problem here touched myself. Keep strong and thanks anyway for a great moments we passed away.
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